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Banks Closed: Banks will be open for only these many days in June, before going, definitely check RBI's holiday list..

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The first week of June (June 2024) has started. Along with this, RBI's bank holiday list has also come and according to this, banks will remain closed for a total of 10 days in June i.e. there will be a bank holiday. In such a situation, if you have any important work related to your bank (June 2024 Bank Holiday), then leave the house only after looking at this list, lest you reach the bank branch and find the lock hanging there.

Banks have fewer holidays

Banks have fewer holidays in June 2024 as compared to May. Banks were closed for a total of 14 days in May due to various events. Most of the 10 holidays in banks this month (RBI bank holiday list) are weekly i.e. second and fourth Saturdays as well as Sundays. Apart from this, a Bank Holiday has been declared for three days in different states for various festivals. It is worth noting that the bank holidays declared by RBI are done keeping in mind the events and festivals taking place in different states (Bank Holiday latest update) and these can be different in every state.

Banks will be closed on these dates in June (Bank holiday June 2024)

Planning your bank-related work according to the banking holiday will be very beneficial for you. Before the beginning of every month (bank holiday in June 2024), RBI uploads the list of holidays in banks in the next month and their reasons on its website. If we look at the holidays falling in June.

On June 15, there will be a bank holiday on YMA Day and Raja Sankranti in Mizoram.

On June 17, banks will be closed on Eid ul Zuha across India (except Mizoram, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh).

On Tuesday, June 18, Eid ul (EID bank holiday) Zuha will be celebrated in Jammu and Kashmir and banks will remain closed.

June 8 and 22 are the second and fourth Saturdays respectively, banks will not open across the country on both days.

2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 June are Sundays (second Saturday bank holiday), due to which banks will have a weekly holiday.

You can check the bank holiday list online
If you leave home for the bank, then go only after looking at the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) bank holiday list. The central bank uploads the complete list of bank holidays falling every month (online banking) along with their reasons, as well as the cities in which these holidays are going to be, on its website (official RBI bank website). You can see it by clicking on the link (

This is how to deal with work when the bank is not open
Due to continuous holidays in banks, customers have to face problems, but you can use ATMs on bank holiday (banking services online) days for cash withdrawal. To transfer money from one account to another, you can use UPI services, Net Banking, or Mobile Banking. It is worth noting that the facility of Net Banking is available 24X7.

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