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Banking Update: If the bankers are not doing your work, then complain to these places, not RBI...

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Bank Complaint: Every citizen of the country has to go to the bank at some point or the other. If you work, run a shop, do business, or do any other type of business, you have to go to the bank to deposit money. In such a situation, people usually complain that it takes a lot of time in the bank or that the employees deliberately postpone their work for the next day.

There are often reports of clashes between employees and customers regarding the lateness of bank employees. There are many other types of complaints like the bank employee asking you to come after lunch or even if it is not lunchtime, saying that lunch is going on right now. In such a situation, if you are facing this kind of problem, then you can file a complaint with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as well as in Lokpal or Consumer Forum.

It is often seen that when you go to the bank, the employees related to your work are not at their seats. In such a situation you have to wait a long time. If you ask another employee of the bank about the employee who is related to your work, then you do not get a satisfactory answer or you feel that the employee is lying to you. In such a situation, you can complain about that employee by dialing the complaint number present in the bank.

You can complain about bank employees here-

It is often seen that bank employees are usually busy with some work or the other. Bank employees may also have to take help from any other employee present in the bank in connection with any customer-related work. In such a situation, you may have to wait for some time.

However, if that employee is continuously absent from his seat and even if he is working for a customer. In this situation, you can request him regarding your work. If that employee has gone and sat on another seat or is talking to another employee for a long time, then you can also complain about it to the Lokpal, RBI, or the central office of that bank.

Responsibility of the bank to behave properly with the customers-

It is worth noting that if any bank in the country does not behave properly with the customers, then action is taken when the complaint comes to the RBI. Complaints about such matters can also be made to the Banking Ombudsman. For complaints of bank employees, grievance redressal numbers of the concerned bank are given. Apart from this, you can also complain about the bank employee to the Banking Ombudsman.

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