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Bank Locker- Do you want to get a bank locker, then know the rules related to it


We work hard to make some valuable items, among which jewelry is important, so it is very important to keep them safe, nowadays people prefer to keep their valuables in a bank locker instead of keeping them at home because they feel that it is a safer option. However, a common concern remains: what will happen if the things kept in the bank locker are stolen or damaged? Will the valuables be recovered? Let's know about the rules related to this-

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has updated many rules related to bank lockers to provide more security and peace of mind to customers. You need to know this:

Bank's responsibility: According to the new rules of RBI, now banks are responsible for the safety of the things kept in their lockers. If your valuables are stolen or damaged, the bank will have to compensate you for the loss.

Compensation for loss: In case of theft or damage, including incidents like a fire that destroys the contents of the locker, the bank has to compensate for the entire loss. This rule ensures that customers do not have to worry about potential damage to their valuables kept in bank lockers.

If you want to avail a bank locker, here is the process:

Visit the bank of your choice and apply for a locker.

Lockers are usually allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is a waiting list, you will be allotted a locker if it is available.

Banks charge a small annual fee for the locker facility. This rent is required to maintain the security and service of the locker.

By understanding these rules and the bank's responsibility, you can make an informed decision about keeping your valuables in a bank locker. RBI's new guidelines are designed to enhance the safety and security of your assets so that you have peace of mind.

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