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Bank Holidays- There will be 12 bank holidays in July, so complete your important work on time


June is over in the blink of an eye and July will start after just 2 days, in such a situation, you should know about the bank holidays falling in July so that you can finish your work before time, recently the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released a detailed list of bank holidays for the year, which gives details of the days on which banks will remain closed across the country. Let's know the complete details of the holidays-

According to the RBI holiday calendar, banks will remain closed for a total of 12 days in July. This includes regular weekly holidays as well as state-specific festival holidays. Here is a detailed breakdown of the days when banks will remain closed:

Weekly Bank Holidays

7 July 2024 (Sunday)

13 July 2024 (Second Saturday)

14 July 2024 (Sunday)

21 July 2024 (Sunday)

27 July 2024 (Fourth Saturday)

28 July 2024 (Sunday)

State-Specific Festival Holidays

3 July 2024 (Beh Dinkhlam): Banks will remain closed in Shillong.

6 July 2024 (MHIP Day): Banks will remain closed in Aizawl.

8 July 2024 (Kang Rathyatra): Banks will remain closed in Imphal.

9 July 2024 (Drukpa Tse-je): Banks will remain closed in Gangtok.

16 July 2024 (Harela): Banks will remain closed in Dehradun.

17 July 2024 (Muharram): Banks will remain closed in many states across the country.

Plan in advance to avoid inconvenience If you have any banking work that requires visiting the branch, be sure to check the list of holidays and plan your trip accordingly.

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