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Bank Closed: Big update regarding 2 days holiday in banks, these big changes will be made for the convenience of the customers..

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Bank employees have been demanding two days off in a week for a long time. The proposal of banks working five days a week (bank 5 days working update) is much discussed. If this change is made, then you might not have thought about what effect it will have on customers and bank staff (bank holiday update).

Bank unions say that working five days a week will improve the balance between the life and work of employees. But it is not yet clear what benefit or problem the customer (Bank union) will have from this. Recently, a consensus has been reached between other bank organizations including State Bank of India (SBI) and bank employee unions regarding this proposal. However, government approval is necessary to implement it.

This is going to affect customers
If banks across the country remain closed for one more day in a week, then it may cause trouble to the customers (weekly 2-day bank holiday). They may have to stand in longer queues and work may also get delayed. But, on the other hand, experts also say that due to this, the use of online banking and mobile apps may also increase.

Changes in banking operations
It is also being considered that customers should not face any kind of problem due to banks being closed for one more day. For this, the working hours of banks may increase further as compared to the current time (Bank holiday update). Work can be done to improve online banking and ATMs so that more work can be done through them. This is also an option (bank holidays latest update) that an appointment can be taken in the bank for any important work.

Banks closed for two days in a week
According to media reports, it is more expected that after the implementation of two days holiday every week, there will be a change in the working hours of banks. According to the news, banks can now remain open from 9:45 am to 5:30 pm. Currently, bank employees work on the first and third Saturdays of every month (bank holidays on Saturdays). With banks being closed for two days a week, there is a possibility of long queues in banks. In such a situation, the system of reaching an appointment can also be implemented. This will force people to focus on doing most of their work online. For example, paying bills, transferring money and managing accounts can all be done online.

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