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Bank Account: If you have accidentally transferred money to someone else's account, don't worry, you will get it back quickly...

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In today's time, transferring money online has become as easy. It is becoming equally dangerous. Through online transactions, we can send money (online payment) to anyone in any corner of the country sitting at home. For this, only the other person's phone number or account number should be there. This in itself is a great facility for the people. But this facility is now becoming a cause of trouble for people (wrong account transaction). If you lose even a little attention, the money may get transferred to the wrong account.

Due to this, you may suffer a loss of lakhs. In such a situation, if you have also done this, then you can get your money back (Wrong UPI transaction) in these easy ways. Let us know what that method is.

Most of the complaints are related to digital payment

You take many precautions while transferring money online, but despite this, mistakes still happen. If even one number is wrong then your hard-earned money goes to the wrong account (wrong account money transfer). If you have also made such a mistake then there is no need to worry. In this regard, the Reserve Bank of India has released the annual report of the Lokpal Scheme, 2021-22. RBI has said in this report that most of the complaints received during the year were related to digital payments and transaction methods.

Get your money back like this

If for some reason your money has gone to the wrong account, then there is no need to worry. For this, you will have to follow some steps. According to the RBI website, if money is transferred to the wrong account (money transfer tips), you should first inform your bank about the entire matter. You can give information by calling the customer care number of your bank. You will have to call (wrong transaction helpline number) and give them all the details of the transaction. In return, the bank will give you a request or complaint number. On which you can talk and register your problem.

You can give information through email

You can also give information about the wrong transfer by sending an email to the customer service department of the bank. This means that written documents of all communications related to your bank (Online money transfer) will be available. There is another method for this also. You can go to the home branch of the bank talk to the manager and submit official information about the wrong transfer (online banking).

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