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Bank Account- Have you also received a message of gift, then be careful, the account will be emptied in minutes


Technological development has changed the standard of living of people, you can roam the whole world on your fingers, but we all know that with this technological development, there are many risks too, fraudsters find new ways to cheat people, in such a situation through tempting offers like bonus points, gifts, lottery and cashback. It is very important to be cautious and not fall into the trap of these attractive offers. Today, through this article, we will tell you which messages should be avoided-

Avoid gifts:

Beware of messages, emails, or calls that claim that you have won a lottery or other gifts. These are often fake and are designed to trap you.

Avoid loan messages:

If you get a message about a pre-approved loan, always confirm its authenticity with your bank before taking any action.

Beware of fake bank calls:

Fraudsters posing as bank officials may offer you various deals to extract your details. Never share your details on such calls.

Beware of WhatsApp messages:

Many fraudulent messages circulate on WhatsApp promising free data, rewards, or cash, especially during festivals.

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