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Avoid Searching These Topics on Google, Otherwise You Will Be In Huge Problem


While the internet is a vast resource for information, certain searches can have serious legal and security consequences. Here are some topics you should never search for on Google:

How to Join a Terrorist Organization

  • Consequences: Searching for information on joining a terrorist organization can attract the attention of security agencies. Such searches are monitored, and engaging in them can lead to serious investigations and legal actions.

How to Make a Bomb

  • Consequences: Looking up how to make a bomb is illegal and highly dangerous. This type of search can not only get you flagged by security agencies but also lead to severe legal repercussions, including imprisonment.

Child Pornography

  • Consequences: Searching for or accessing child pornography is a criminal offense in India and many other countries. The law strictly prohibits such activities, and violators can face significant legal actions, including long-term imprisonment and hefty fines.

How to Hack

  • Consequences: Searching for ways to hack into systems, accounts, or networks is illegal. Hacking is a criminal activity, and those caught can face severe penalties, including imprisonment and legal action from affected parties.

Legal Implications

In India, there are strict laws and regulations regarding these searches:

  • Information Technology Act, 2000: This act includes provisions to punish individuals for engaging in illegal online activities, including hacking and accessing prohibited content.
  • Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) Act, 2012: This act specifically addresses crimes related to child pornography and imposes stringent penalties on offenders.
  • Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967: This act aims to prevent unlawful activities, including terrorism, and imposes severe penalties on those involved in such acts.

The internet should be used responsibly. Searching for illegal activities, such as joining terrorist organizations, making bombs, accessing child pornography, or hacking, can lead to severe legal consequences and endanger your safety and the safety of others. Always stay informed about the legal implications of your online activities and use the internet for positive and constructive purposes.

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