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ATM Tips: If you find mutilated notes coming out of ATM then do these things..

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The Reserve Bank of India has clarified the rules for exchanging mutilated notes. If you find mutilated notes while withdrawing money from an ATM and any bank refuses to exchange them or asks for a fee for the exchange, then you can take legal action against them. According to RBI rules, the bank whose ATM has mutilated notes (Remove mutilated notes from ATM) will have to change that bank.

Nowadays, almost all the work related to banking (online banking) can be completed sitting at home. For this people do not need to go to the bank.

But if someone wants to withdraw money, then he has to go to the bank or ATM for that. Till now there has been no such facility so that a person can withdraw his money while sitting at home.

But many times it has been seen that people withdraw money from ATMs. So mutilated notes come out. Whose maintenance becomes a bit difficult.

If you are withdrawing money from an ATM and mutilated notes have come out. Then you can easily exchange those notes by going to your bank.

According to RBI rules, banks cannot refuse to change mutilated notes dispensed from ATMs. You can change your notes in a very short time.

To exchange notes you will have to write an application. In which the date, time of the transaction, and the name of the ATM from which the money was withdrawn will have to be entered.

Also the slip from the ATM. If there is no slip then a copy of the transaction received on the mobile will have to be added.

After this, your bank will immediately replace your mutilated notes. According to RBI rules, if any bank is reluctant to do so. Then a fine of up to Rs 10,000 can be imposed on him.

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