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ATM Tips: If cash is not withdrawn from the ATM and money is deducted from the account, this is how you will get it back...

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Of course, the trend of digital payment has increased rapidly, but now when there is a need for cash transactions for various purposes, then people do the transaction through ATM. Although ATMs are very convenient, sometimes it also puts you in trouble.

Many times, while withdrawing money from an ATM, cash does not come out, but your money gets deducted from the account. If something like this ever happens to you, there is no need to worry. Try some of the methods mentioned here, your deducted amount will be returned within a few days.

RBI has made this rule-

Even after entering all the details correctly in the ATM, if your cash is not withdrawn and the balance gets deducted from the account, then it may be due to some technical fault in the ATM. Many times, cash gets stuck in the ATM due to which it is not available to the customer, but gets disconnected from the bank.

To return this money, the Reserve Bank of India has set a time limit of transaction day + 5 days for the bank. As per the rules, all banks will have to return the deducted money to the customer's account within the stipulated period. If this does not happen then the bank will pay a fine of Rs 100 to the customer every day.

You have to do?

According to the rules of the Reserve Bank, if this happens to you, then first of all you should go to the nearest branch of your bank and tell about it. If you want, you can also inform the bank about this by calling customer care. After this your complaint will be registered and the bank will investigate the matter.

- If your complaint is found true then the money is returned to your account within 5 to 6 days. But in the meantime, you should keep your ATM slip and the messages received on your mobile safely. It can be used as proof of ATM transactions.

- If the money is not returned to your account within 30 days of complaining to the bank, then you can complain about this matter to the senior officer of the Grievance Redressal Department.

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