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ATM Card Tips- Have you forgotten the ATM Card PIN, how to reset it?


Today's technological world has changed our lifestyle to a great extent. If we talk about the field of finance, with the help of technology, financial management has become very convenient. Like earlier, standing in long queues in banks has disappeared. Today, money transfers between accounts can be done instantly through various digital platforms like phone banking, internet banking, and UPI. ATM is an important part of our transactions, through which money can be withdrawn immediately, but many times we forget the ATM password, if you are also facing such a problem, then reset your ATM PIN with these easy steps-

PIN Change Request in Bank:

To generate a new PIN, visit your bank's ATM or request a new PIN directly from the bank.

Fill out the required form provided by the bank, sign and submit it.

The bank will then send a new PIN to your registered address within a few days.

Creating new PIN through Mobile Banking:

Use your registered mobile number to submit an ATM PIN change request.

Follow the instructions given by your bank to generate a new PIN.

Changing PIN through Net Banking:

If you have access to net banking, you can change your ATM password online.

Log in to your bank's net banking portal and visit the PIN change section to update your PIN.

Contacting Customer Support:

If you prefer assistance over the phone, call your bank's helpline and speak to a customer service executive.

Request a PIN change and follow any instructions given to complete the process.

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