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Are you also getting messages to change your @Paytm UPI handle? To activate the new UPI ID in this way


If you use Paytm for UPI payment or mobile recharge, then this news can be important for you. Paytm UPI users will now have to change their @Paytm UPI handle. Users have started getting messages about this change. Paytm Payments Bank is now offering UPI services to its customers through partner banks, which you can also take advantage of.

After getting approval, Paytm has integrated with Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and Yes Bank. If you are getting messages to change your @Paytm handle, then you should know how you can do this.

Activate UPI handled by these banks

The existing UPI handle with @Paytm will be changed to a new handle like @ptsbi for SBI, @pthdfc for HDFC Bank, @ptaxis for Axis Bank, and @ptyes for Yes Bank.

How to activate

To switch to the new UPI handle on the Paytm app, follow these steps:

Download the Paytm UPI mobile payment application.

Enter your mobile number. For dual SIM phones, select the SIM slot with your mobile number.

Verify your mobile number by sending an SMS from your number.

Select your bank from the list and make sure it matches your registered mobile number with the bank. Your account details will be displayed.

If you are linking your bank for the first time, set the UPI PIN using your debit card details.

Now your bank account is linked via UPI and you are ready to make your first payment.

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