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AI Tools Update: You will get unique features on WhatsApp Business, AI Tools, and Meta Verified is included this is how it will work..

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WhatsApp keeps bringing new updates. The company has now announced new features for WhatsApp Business. Soon business users will have AI tools. This includes helping in creating click-to-WhatsApp ads and constantly responding to customer messages. These features were announced by the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Meta Conversation in Brazil. Mark said that apart from creating customer-facing bots on its platform, Meta wants to create AI agents that can help businesses interact with customers. Let's know which features are included and how they work.

AI Tools will be available on WhatsApp Business
Meta said in a blog post that AI tools are very helpful for businesses on WhatsApp. With this, they will be able to help their customers in shopping. Also, it will help in finding new products in which they are interested.

Not only this...Meta is also integrating AI to help businesses create ads on Facebook and Instagram. This will also send a reminder to customers that they have left the item in their cart. For the items in the wishlist, they will be reminded that they are getting a discount on it.

The option of Meta Verified will be available
Talking Apart from AI, WhatsApp Business users will soon get the option of meta-verification. The company is also rolling out Meta Verified in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Colombia. If in the coming time, you see the badge of Meta Verified on the business channel, then understand that you are registered with Meta.

Those with meta-verification will get the benefit
Businesses that have Meta Verification will get account support from Meta and they will be able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices for their employees.

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