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AI Studio: A new feature is coming to Instagram, you can create your own AI version..

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Meta-owned social media app Instagram is working on a new feature called AI Studio. With the help of Instagram's AI Studio feature, users will be able to create their own AI version.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced this feature on his broadcast channel. Currently, this feature is available for beta testers in the US. Zuckerberg said that it will soon be released for all users.

According to Meta, after the introduction of this feature, users who have a good number of followers will be able to create their own AI version. Creators will be able to use their AI version to reply to messages and talk to the community.

After the new update, when you message the account whose AI version is live, you will get a popup notification that says that this reply is AI-generated. AI will also be added in front of the creator's name.