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Aadhar Card Tips: How to edit the father's name on the Aadhar card, know the method here...

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The Aadhar card is a very important document today. It is being used from admission to job. In such a situation, it is very important to have correct information on the Aadhar card. Due to a small carelessness, many people's father's name gets confused or misspelled in Aadhaar.

  Well, you can correct this mistake by updating Aadhaar. If your father's name or the spelling of your name is wrong in your Aadhaar, then you should get it corrected. For this, after filling in the correct information in the Aadhaar correction form, it will have to be signed and sealed by the head or head.

After this, this form will have to be taken to any Aadhaar center and submitted. After taking the form, the operator of the Aadhaar center will also ask you for your Aadhaar OTP and your Aadhaar will be updated.

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