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Aadhaar PVC Card Tips: These strong security features of the Aadhaar PVC Card help in protecting against fraud..

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Unlike the paper Aadhaar card, the Aadhaar PVC card can be a good option. This Aadhaar card does not come with problems like melting in water or bending in the pocket.

In appearance, a PVC Aadhaar card looks like a credit card. It can be kept in the wallet. A big reason for using this Aadhaar can be the security features present in it.

Aadhaar PVC card comes with not one but many security features (Aadhaar PVC Card security features). With these security features, this PVC card becomes a tamper-proof identification card.

What security features does the Aadhaar PVC Card come with?

Secure QR code - This Aadhaar card has a digital signature QR code. This code contains the photo and demographic information of the Aadhaar card holder.

Many tasks related to identity verification can be done online by scanning this QR code. From filing income tax returns to opening a bank account can be done by scanning this QR code.

Hologram - The Aadhaar PVC card has a hologram. This hologram is a kind of security feature, with which the fraudsters cannot copy it easily.

Micro text- The Aadhaar PVC card has micro text. The text recorded on the card is so small that a magnifying glass is needed to read it. It is not easy to copy the card with this feature.

Ghost image- This Aadhaar PVC card has a ghost image. The ghost image is a blurred image of the photo of the Aadhaar card holder. This image is visible as soon as light is put on the card.

With this feature, it becomes easy to identify the card as real or fake.

Issue and print date- The date of issue of this card is recorded in the Aadhaar PVC card. Along with this, the print date is also given on the card. Both these dates help in verifying the authenticity of the card.

Aadhaar logo- Aadhaar PVC card comes with an embossed Aadhaar logo. This embossed logo cannot be easily copied by fraudsters.

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