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Aadhaar DOB: Are you worried about wrong date of birth printed in Aadhaar? So this is how you can get it corrected


Aadhaar Date of Birth Change Process: Aadhaar card is issued to the citizens of India by the Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI. This document is not only enough to identify the cardholder but is also seen as the most important document for any government or non-government work. It contains biometric and demographic information of the cardholder, but many times people's name, address or things like date of birth are printed incorrectly, due to which people have to face a lot of problems and many of their work gets stuck. So let's know if the date of birth is printed incorrectly in your Aadhaar card, then how can you get it corrected. You can know more about this further...

This is how you can correct the wrong date of birth printed in Aadhaar:-

Step 1

If the date of birth in your or any member of your family's Aadhaar card is wrong, then do not worry because it can be corrected

For this, you just have to go to your nearest Aadhaar center

Here you have to take the correction form

Step 2

In this form, you have to fill in your 12 digit Aadhaar number, full name and other required information

Also fill in this form that you want to change your date of birth

After this, attach a copy of the document with this form which has your correct date of birth, such as- PAN card, birth certificate, passport, bank passbook, any one of the certificates issued by the university

Step 3

Then take this filled form to the concerned officer and submit it to them

After this, your biometrics are verified by the officer

Along with this, the form is also checked and the document is also checked whether it is correct or not

After everything is found correct, your The date of birth is updated

Step 4

A fee of Rs 50 is also charged for updating the date of birth in the Aadhaar card

Within a few days your new date of birth can be updated in your Aadhaar card

You are given a slip from the center which contains the request number and from this you can know whether your date of birth has been updated or not.

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