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Aadhaar Card: You have only 3 days left for an Aadhaar update, after that, you will have to pay money....


If you also have a 10-year-old Aadhaar card and you have not updated it, then a notification has been issued by UIDAI. In which all 10-year old Aadhaar cards have been asked to update. Which is being updated for free.

In such a situation, you also have time till June 14. If you want to get it updated, then you can get your Aadhaar updated for free till June 14. If you do not do this, many of your works can get stuck.

If we talk about identity cards, then the most common identity card in India is the Aadhaar card. Which is used in many works including government schemes. But many times it happens that wrong information is entered in the Aadhaar card. In such a situation, you have time till June 14 to get it updated.

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