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Aadhaar Card Tips- If you want to update your photo and address on your Aadhaar card, know the easy steps.

Aadhaar Card

The Aadhar card acts as an important document for Indian people, Aadhar card is used in government and non-government schemes, in such a situation, if there is any kind of mistake in your Aadhar card, then there is important news for you, The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has provided opportunities for individuals to correct mistakes in their Aadhaar details, including updating information online or through enrollment centers. Today through this article we will tell you the process of updating it-

Steps to change Aadhar card details:

Identify necessary changes:

Before starting the correction process, identify the specific details that need to be corrected on your Aadhaar card. This may include mistakes in your name, date of birth, photograph, or address.

Online Updates:

Some details can be updated online through the UIDAI portal. This usually involves a change of address. Log in to your Aadhaar account on the UIDAI website, fill in the required details, and upload supporting documents as required.

Visit Aadhaar Enrollment Centre:

For modifications like changing the photo, date of birth, or name, it is necessary to visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre. You can either book an appointment online or visit the center directly.

Fill out the updated form:

Get the Aadhaar update form by reaching the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre. Provide the necessary information that needs to be changed and submit the form to the officer present at the center.

Changing photo:

If updating photo, the Aadhaar Card Center officer will capture your new photo using his designated machine. Be prepared to pay the prescribed fee for this service.

Provide supporting documents:

For changes in date of birth, name, or other important information, you will need to provide supporting documents as per UIDAI guidelines. These documents serve as proof of the requested amendments.

Wait for Aadhar Card Update:

The Aadhaar card will be updated within 90 days from the date of submission of the update request. You can download the correct Aadhaar card or opt to receive a new one through the mail, if required.

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