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Aadhaar Card- Let's know about the work that will now be done without an Aadhaar card


The requirement of Aadhaar card verification for some essential services, giving relief to the citizens. The Aadhaar card, which has become an important document for identity, residence proof, opening a bank account, and various other services, is no longer mandatory for registration of birth and death certificates.

This announcement has brought great relief to city dwellers, who often face obstacles due to rigorous verification processes. The Registrar General's Office, responsible for maintaining birth and death records, will no longer require an Aadhaar card to issue these certificates.

Earlier, it was mandatory to submit an Aadhaar card for such registrations, but the government has now amended this requirement.

The new guidelines allow Aadhaar verification at the time of birth and death but do not make it mandatory during registration. A recent notification issued by the central government and subsequent authorization from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has given the office of the Registrar General the power to use the Aadhaar database during the registration process.

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