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Aadhaar Card- Do you want to get an Aadhaar card without a fingerprint, know what UIDAI rules say


If we talk about the Aadhaar card, then it is an important document for Indians, which is used for various government and non-government works, given the prevalence of this need, you must understand that the information present in it should be correct, if we talk about recently, then the Government of India announced an important update regarding Aadhaar card registration, which aims to ensure access for all eligible persons.

In cases where individuals do not have fingerprints, they can now register for an Aadhaar card by scanning their iris pupils. Also, if both iris biometrics and fingerprints are absent, a simplified process will be implemented to issue an Aadhaar card based on alternative identification methods.

For individuals without iris biometrics and fingerprints, an extraordinary enrollment process has been introduced. This includes entering the person's name, gender, address, and date of birth using the available biometric data. The system then flags missing biometrics for special attention during processing.

This initiative underlines the government's proactive approach to accommodate diverse needs in Aadhaar enrolment, making essential services more accessible across the country.

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