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Aadhaar Card: 14th June is your last date, after that, you will have to pay for an Aadhaar update


Aadhaar card has become an important document and if you also use it, then much of your work will be completed without any problem. But if you do not have an Aadhaar card, then you should get it made. Not only this, if you have Aadhaar, but if it is 10 years old, then you also have a chance to get it updated.

In such a situation, if your Aadhaar is also 10 years old, then you can also get it updated for free till 14th June. Often some information is entered incorrectly by people while making an Aadhaar card. But there is also a provision to update the information on the Aadhaar card by UIDAI.

In such a situation, UIDAI has issued an order to update all 10-year-old Aadhaar cards. All those people whose Aadhaar cards are 10 years old, will have to get them updated.