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Aadhaar-Based Payment System to be Implemented for Destitute Women (Widow) Pension Scheme


District Probation Officer Announces Mandatory Update of Aadhaar Link (KYC) for All Beneficiaries

The Government and Directorate Department have announced a significant update for beneficiaries of the Destitute Women (Widow) Pension Scheme. Starting in the financial year 2024-25, payments under this scheme will be processed through an Aadhaar-based system. This change, overseen by the Women's Welfare Department, aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of disbursing pension payments to eligible widows.

Important Notice for Beneficiaries:

All beneficiaries currently receiving benefits under the Destitute Women (Widow) Pension Scheme are required to ensure their Aadhaar link (KYC) is updated in their bank accounts. This update is crucial for the seamless receipt of pension payments.

Action Required:

Visit Bank Branch: Beneficiaries must visit their respective bank branches as soon as possible to update their Aadhaar link (KYC).
Ensure Compliance: It is imperative to complete this update promptly to avoid any disruption in receiving the pension installment for the first quarter of the financial year 2024-25.

Reason for the Update:

The shift to an Aadhaar-based payment system is part of the government's broader initiative to improve the transparency and efficiency of welfare schemes. By linking Aadhaar to bank accounts, the government aims to ensure that payments reach the intended recipients directly, reducing the risk of fraud and delays.

Contact Information:

For further assistance or any queries regarding this update, beneficiaries can contact the Women's Welfare Department. The department is committed to supporting all beneficiaries through this transition and ensuring that everyone receives their entitled benefits without any issues.

This update is a crucial step towards streamlining the Destitute Women (Widow) Pension Scheme and ensuring timely and accurate disbursement of benefits. Beneficiaries are urged to take immediate action to comply with this requirement and continue receiving their pensions without interruption.

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