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8th Pay Commission: Will employees get gifts? How much will the salary increase if the 8th Pay Commission is implemented? Know the new update here


If reports are to be believed, if All India CPI-IWU data is released by the Labor Ministry after the elections, then DA may reach 54%. If the marks are not released, then the Central Government can bring a new formula regarding salary by implementing the rule “DA will become zero when it is 50%” or the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission can be considered.

8th Pay Commission: Before the voting results of the Lok Sabha elections and the formation of the new government, the discussion about the 8th Pay Commission started once again in the country. Recently, the Indian Railway Technical Supervisors Association has written a letter to the Central Government in which information and many recommendations have been made regarding the formation of the 8th Pay Commission. If after the elections the new government accepts this demand and implements the 8th Pay Scale Commission, then 1 crore 12 lakh employees and pensioners of the country will get its direct benefits. Along with salary, there will be a big change in pension also.

Why is the demand for the 8th Pay Commission rising?

The Central Government revises the DA/DR rates of central employees-pensioners twice a year in January and July, which depends on the half-yearly data of the AICPI index. The benefit of 50% DA is being available from January 2024 and now the next DA will be revised in July 2024. If it is increased by 3-4% then it will become 53-54%. Let us tell you that till now the AICPI index has been revised by the Labor Ministry for February-March. The figures have not been released, due to which it has become a situation of confusion.

If the DA does not increase, then the rule of the Central Government “DA will become zero when it is 50%” is implemented, then the calculation of DA will start from 0 or a new formula will be brought regarding the salary or the next pay commission will be considered. Will have to do that.

However, in December 2023 last year, Finance Secretary TV Somanathan said in a statement that at present no such plan is being considered. There is no planning for the 8th Pay Commission and it is not even pending. The government has also said in the Parliament that it will not be implemented at present.

If the next 8th Pay Commission comes, will the salary increase by more than 44 percent?

Actually, till now a new pay commission has been formed every 10 years. The 7th Pay Commission was constituted in 2013, and its recommendations were implemented in 2016. In this too, considering the fitment factor as the basis, it was increased by 2.57 times, due to which the salary increase was 14.29% and the basic salary became Rs 18000.

On this basis, if the 8th Pay Commission is implemented in 2025-26 as per the 10-year pattern after the formation of the new government, then the salary will increase by 44.44 percent and the minimum salary will be increased to Rs. 26000 based on fitment factor increased from 2.57 to 3.68. It can be implemented from January 1, 2026. Although official confirmation is yet to come.

For example, if we talk about the fitment factor, if the basic salary of a central employee is Rs 18,000, then excluding allowances, his salary will be Rs 18,000 X 2.57 = Rs 46,260. When it is 3.68, the salary will be Rs 95,680 (26000

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