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8th Pay Commission: Good news regarding the 8th Pay Commission! This demand of central employees can be fulfilled...

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8th Pay Commission: The Modi government is going to be formed once again at the center. There will be new expectations from the new government. It is speculated that the mood of the government will change and it will be kind to the employees (Central government employees). According to information received from sources, the new government can now start discussions about the 8th Pay Commission. However, there is no timeline for this. But, it can be discussed soon. It is expected that by next year Modi government can make a big announcement for the central employees.

8th Pay Commission: Preparation for the next pay commission
There may be a big increase in the minimum salary of central employees. Next year the central government can give this gift to its employees (Central government employees). Till now the discussion was that the 8th Pay Commission will not come. But, now it is expected that preparations for the next pay commission will begin. However, the government has not yet agreed that it will bring the next pay commission. Government sources say that the discussion on this will start in a new way in the new government. Discussion on this is also possible in the monsoon session. Discussion on the next pay commission is possible after the continuous demand of the employees.

8th Pay Commission: There will be a tremendous jump in the salary
If sources are to be believed, the biggest increase in the salary of the employees can be seen in the 8th Pay Commission. Sources also say that it is difficult to say what will come in the new pay commission and what will not. The question is also whether any planning commission will be formed regarding this or whether the Finance Ministry will also fulfill this responsibility. It is expected that the committee can be formed in the next two months. Only after this, something can be decided about the formula for increment in the salary of the employees.

When can the 8th Pay Commission come?
If sources are to be believed, the 8th Pay Commission should be formed in the year 2025. At the same time, it can be implemented within a year of that. According to experts, if this happens, there is a possibility of a huge jump in the salary of Central government employees. Many changes are possible in the 8th Pay Commission as compared to the 7th Pay Commission. There may also be some changes regarding the fitment factor. Let us tell you, till now the government used to constitute a pay commission once in 10 years.

8th Pay Commission: How much will the salary increase?
If everything goes well in the 8th Pay Commission as compared to the 7th Pay Commission, then the biggest jump is expected in the salary of the employees. The fitment factor of the employees will increase to 3.68 times. Also, whatever the formula, the basic salary of the employees can increase by 44.44%.

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