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7th Pay Commission: Big update for government employees, DA and salary will increase by this much..

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Every year government employees eagerly wait for July. Employees get double benefits this month. In this month, the salary of the employees is increased (7th pay commission Update), apart from this, there is also an increase in dearness allowance. Both these benefits are available to officers from small level to big level.

Apart from this, the dearness allowance of the pensioners of the central government is also increased twice a year. In such a situation, the new government to be formed in the Center after June 4 will give good news to the central employees (Central government employees update). Dearness allowance and salary of employees will be increased in July. Let us tell you that the government increases the salary and dearness allowance (DA Hike) of employees twice a year under the 7th Pay Commission.

How much can DA increase this time?
In January this year, the central government increased the DA of its employees by 4 percent. After which the dearness allowance of central employees had become 50 percent (Dearness Allowance Hike). In such a situation, it is speculated that in July also the government will increase the dearness allowance by 4 percent (4% DA hike). Understand by example: If the monthly salary of an employee is Rs 50 thousand, then his dearness allowance will be Rs 2 thousand. After the increase in DA and salary (July DA hike update) in July, many more allowances for the employees will increase, which will give them great relief from inflation.

How much increase in salary
Let us tell you that the central government increases the salary of its employees by 3 percent every year. In such a situation, the salary of employees getting a salary of Rs 50 thousand per month (basic salary hike) will increase by Rs 1500. In simple language, an employee getting a salary of Rs 50 thousand will get a total of Rs 53500 by adding an increment of Rs 1500 (Government employees salary Hike) and DA of Rs 2000.

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