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7th Pay Commission: New update for central employees, know whether DA will be zero (0) or 54 percent...

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Not good news for central employees. The data on dearness allowance has not been updated since February 2024. This has created a situation of confusion. In fact, in January 2024, the dearness allowance (DA hike) has reached 50 percent. After this, there is a rule to reduce it to zero i.e. zero (0). However, this rule was made at the time of the 7th Pay Commission. But, it is still too early to say whether it will be implemented. Because nothing has been said on this yet from any official side. However, experts believe that it will be reduced to zero.

 meanwhile, the data of the AICPI index to be released in February has increased the tension. Because this data has not been shared by the Labor Bureau. The data for the calculation of dearness allowance was to be released on March 28. But, it was not done. In such a situation, two situations are arising now. First, the Labor Bureau is changing its calculation, hence it was not released. On the other hand, it is also estimated that the counting of figures will continue in the same manner.

February data not released

Let us tell you, that the next dearness allowance (DA Hike) for the employees (Central Government employees) is to be increased in July. In the latest data of the AICPI index, the index number has reached 138.9 points. According to this, dearness allowance has become 50.84 percent. This data was released for January 2024. But, the data for February is still missing from the Labor Bureau's sheet. There are speculations that the Labor Bureau may reduce it to zero, hence its new number has not been released. In such a situation, it has become a puzzle even for experts to say how much the Dearness Allowance (DA) will increase.

How much can dearness allowance increase?

According to experts, the next update in Dearness Allowance (DA) may also be 4 percent. It will be paid at the rate of 54 percent only. The probability of being zero appears low. The DA score determined by the AICPI Index is not updated at present. According to the current trend, dearness allowance has reached 51 percent. Right now, it has to be decided from the data of February, March, April, May, and June how big the next surge will be. It is expected that it will increase further by 3 percent. Meaning it will increase from 51 to 54 percent. Dearness allowance is calculated from the AICPI index. Inflation data collected from different sectors in the index shows how much the employees' allowance should increase in comparison to inflation.

DA increased by 1 percent in 1 month's figures

If we look at the current situation, the numbers for January have been released. The February number was to be released on March 28. But, it has been put on hold till now. Currently, the index is at 138.9 points, while the dearness allowance score has reached 50.84 percent. It is estimated that when the February figures come, it has crossed 51 percent. After this, the score of dearness allowance can be above 51.50 percent in March. Only after the June 2024 AICPI index numbers come, it will be final how much the total increase in dearness allowance will be.

There will be a huge jump in dearness allowance

Under the 7th Pay Commission, the AICPI numbers from January to June 2024 will decide the dearness allowance for central employees. Dearness allowance has reached 50.84 percent. 5 months' numbers are yet to come. Experts believe that this time also an increase of 4 percent is certain. Now whether dearness allowance starts from nil or the counting continues beyond 50 percent. There may be an increase of 4 percent. If this happens, dearness allowance can reach 54 percent.

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