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7th Pay Commission: After elections, government employees can get two big gifts...

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2024 is going to bring a big gift for government employees. First, in January the government increased the dearness allowance from 4 percent to 50 percent. Now it is being said that after the elections the government can make two big decisions. With these two decisions, government employees will have laddus in both their hands and their salary will increase by thousands of rupees. Lok Sabha elections will end on June 4 and with the formation of the new government, decisions can also be taken for government employees.

The Indian Railway Technical Supervisors Association (IRTSA) has written a letter to the Ministry of Personnel, demanding the formation of the 8th Central Pay Commission for the employees. It is believed that the government has a lot of time to consider the demands of the organization and a decision can be taken after the elections.

Had refused earlier

Recently, on the question of the formation of the 8th Pay Commission, the government said that they do not have any such proposal as of now. But, after recent developments, it is believed that the government may seriously consider this if it comes to power after the elections. If this happens, there will be a lump sum increase of thousands of rupees in the salary of government employees. The Pay Commission is constituted every 10 years and a decade has passed since the formation of the 7th Pay Commission.

You will also get the gift of dearness allowance

After the elections, the government will again increase the dearness allowance (DA Hike). Earlier in January, DA was increased by 4 percent, after which the total dearness allowance became 50 percent of the basic salary. It is estimated that once again there can be an increase of 4 percent. If a decision is taken on this in July, dearness allowance will increase to 54 percent. This decision will also increase the salary of employees by thousands of rupees.

How much will the salary increase in DA?

Suppose someone's basic salary is Rs 50 thousand and DA is increased by 4 percent in July, then the salary will increase by Rs 2000. At the same time, if the decision of the 8th Pay Commission (8th pay commission update) is also taken, then there will be laddus in both hands. About a 23 percent increase was recommended in the 7th Pay Commission. If we follow this figure, then there will be a lump sum increase of Rs 11,775 in the salary of an employee with a basic salary of Rs 50 thousand.

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