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500 Rupee Note: Big update regarding 500 rupee note, RBI issued new guidelines..

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If you also have a ₹ 500 note, then here a new guideline is being seen from the side of ₹ 500 note. As we all know the Reserve Bank of India has the full right to print and circulate currency notes all over the country. The entire circulation and supply of banknotes and coins (latest 500 Rupees Note Update) in the whole country are done by the Reserve Bank of India. In such a situation, the Reserve Bank of India issues various types of demonetization orders from time to time and issues new notes. All these orders and (RBI update on 500 Rupees Note) proposals are adopted keeping in mind the interests and economic condition of the country's economy. In such a situation, the Reserve Bank of India has recently issued RBI New Guidelines 2024 for ₹ 500 notes.

For the information of all those readers who have 500 rupee notes, we would like to tell you that RBI has issued RBI New Guidelines 2024 for 500 rupee notes. As per the new rules of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI guidelines for 500 Rupees notes), all those customers who have torn and old 500 rupee notes can contact the RBI branch of their city and exchange their old 500 rupee notes (500 rupees note Exchange) and the value of the note will be refunded in return. You can find

How to exchange torn notes
As we all know some time ago the government banned 500 rupee notes in the country and issued new 2000 rupee notes in their place. Soon after the ban of new 2000 rupee notes (RBI 2000 rupee note update), 2000 rupee notes were banned due to security concerns, and new 500 rupee notes were issued in their place. All those consumers who still have old 500 rupee notes or new torn 500 rupee notes (500 rupee old notes) can contact RBI as soon as possible and change their torn notes and get back the face value of the note.

RBI has clearly stated on its official website that consumers who have torn old notes can come to RBI and change those notes (RBI official website). RBI provides the value of the note to the consumer based on the condition of the note, that is, the value of the note (500 rupees note news) is determined by RBI based on the condition of the note, and a certain value is paid by the consumer in exchange for this exchange.

Know the complete process of changing notes

According to the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India, all consumers wishing to change the note should keep in mind the following things (500 rupees note exchange process). The consumer must ensure that the signature of the RBI Governor is visible on the note that the consumer wants to change.

The number should be displayed on the note.

The security thread of the note should also remain intact.

The pledge clause on the note should be in Hindi and English. (INDIAN CURRENCY UPDATE)

Apart from this, the note should have Ashoka Pillar or Mahatma Gandhi's statue.

Apart from this, if there is any watermark on the note then its location should also be visible.

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