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Employees' Rights- Has your company suddenly closed, then know how you can get a salary


We have seen during the Corona period that many companies were closed due to financial losses, due to which many youths in the world have become unemployed, which became a time of great dilemma for many people, when a company suddenly stops operations, questions arise about the rights of employees, especially unpaid wages, so what to do in such a time, let's know-

Special laws have been made to protect employees in such a situation. If a company closes without paying its employees, the affected people can seek help through the Labor Court.

Legal Remedy: If employees have not received their due salary, they have the right to file a case in the Labor Court.

Filing a case: To register a case online, visit the official website of the Labor Court Register by giving the necessary information like phone number, email ID, name, and address.

Offline complaints: Employees can lodge complaints in person at their district headquarters. To begin the process, a written complaint can be submitted, possibly with legal assistance.

Legal aid: It is advisable to seek legal advice to understand the complexities of labor laws and keep all the necessary documentation in order.

Outcome: If the labor court rules in favor of the employee, the company is forced to pay the outstanding wages with possible damages.

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