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This activity will be included as an optional subject in colleges and universities, according to UGC-issued guidelines.

UGC has given a guideline to colleges and universities and said that the National Cadet Corps should be included as an optional subject.


If you are going to do an undergraduate course this year, then this news is useful for you. UGC has issued a new guideline that the National Cadet Corps will be included as an optional subject in almost all colleges and universities. UGC said that students studying in colleges and universities can now choose NCC as an optional subject. For this, they will have to enroll as NCC cadets. In this way, students will be able to study along with NCC training and they will also get academic credit for this.

UGC issued guidelines

After completion of NCC training, students will also get NCC B and C certificates, which will make it easier for them to get a job in the army or police. UGC has issued guidelines to all universities and colleges regarding the inclusion of NCC as an optional subject. UGC further said that to keep the National Cadet Corps (NCC) as an optional subject, students will have to be a part of the NCC beforehand. Optional subjects can be given only to those students who are already enrolled as NCC cadets.

Said this to colleges-universities

The commission further said that universities will pay attention to this and make students aware. NCC has developed a standard and universally applicable common optional credit syllabus with the new education policy of 2020. Enrolled students will get academic credit scores for their NCC training and NCC B and C certificates at the end of the course.

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