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Swayam Portal: During summer holidays, complete your studies sitting at home, Education Department has launched the portal, it has 28 courses...

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Summer vacation has started in schools. This is the time for fun, games, and outings. But some children also want to study. The education department has provided great facilities to such students. The department has launched its portal in which children can complete their entire course sitting at home.

Keeping in mind the education of students during summer vacations, the Education Department in Alwar has taken the initiative. Even during summer vacations, students can study from home. In this, students can complete 28 courses in 11 subjects sitting at home. To do this, students will be able to avail the benefits of this scheme by registering themselves on the portal.

Study at home

Alwar Chief District Education Officer Nekiram gave information about this. Usually, students spend their summer holidays having fun. But keeping in mind the education of the students, the education department has started an innovation. Under this, any student can study online sitting at his home. The department has launched the portal. Good quality ingredients have been added to it. There will be holidays in all schools after 16th May. After this, students will be able to make good use of their time by studying online.

Course for 11th-12th

This facility will be provided to the students of class 11th and class 12th. In this, 28 courses of 11 subjects of both classes have been made online. In this, all those students of classes 11th and 12th whose schools teach NCERT books can enroll.

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