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Now Delhi University has postponed the last semester examination of LLB, it was to start today.


For the past few days, news of cancellation and postponement of examinations one after the other has been coming out across the country. Now similar news has come from Delhi University. The Faculty of Law of Delhi University has postponed the final session examinations of LLB starting from Thursday 4th July 2024 today. A notice from DU Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh has also come to the fore in this matter.

What is written in the notice?

Professor (Dr.) Anju Wali Tiku, Head and Dean of the Law Faculty of Delhi University, has issued an emergency notice stating that under the order of the Vice Chancellor of DU, the LLB II/IV/VI session examinations to be held from July 4 have been postponed. The new dates of the examination will be announced in due course.