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How did 67 candidates get 720 marks in NEET UG? NTA gave these answers


How did 67 candidates get 720 marks in NEET UG? NTA gave these answers, parents made allegations

NEET UG Result 2024: Parents have now sought an answer from NTA after 67 candidates got the same marks in NEET UG 2024. At the same time, Congress also said that first, the paper leak and now the error in the result is ruining the future of lakhs of youth of the country.

NEET UG 2024 exam was conducted on 5th May.Image Credit: freepik

The result of NEET UG 2024 exam was declared by the National Examination Agency on June 4. A total of 67 candidates have scored 720-720 marks. At the same time, the seat numbers of 6 of these candidates are in the same order and they are from Haryana. After the results were released, many candidates and parents objected to it. In a complaint letter written to NTA, the parents have demanded a thorough investigation of the alleged discrepancies in the results before the counseling begins.

The scorecards of candidates who got 718 and 719 marks are also going viral on social media. Regarding which the parents claim that it is impossible to get such marks on the paper because each question is of four marks and there is a negative marking of one mark in each question.

What did the NTA say?

NTA said in its statement that it has received some representations and court cases from NEET candidates raising concerns about loss of time during the exam held on May 5. The National Examination Agency said in its statement that it considered such cases/representations and followed the normalization formula formulated and adopted by the apex court in a 2018 judgment to address the loss of time faced by the candidates. The loss of time was ascertained and such candidates were compensated with grace marks. Hence their marks could be 718 or even 719.

What allegations did the parents make?

Parent representative Rui Kapoor said that the explanation given by NTA is not satisfactory as a score of 718 or 719 is technically impossible. Apart from this, 67 students getting full marks in NEET UG is unprecedented and extremely unusual. There is also a group of students with high marks, which has led to a huge discrepancy in the marks and their respective scores. On the same marks, the respective rank has increased three to four times.

He said that while the overall cut-off has also increased from 137 to 164, even students with 720 marks will find it difficult to get a seat in AIIMS Delhi. Kapoor said last year MBBS admission in the open merit at the institute closed at 57th position.

How did the numbers increase?

An NTA official said more students scored high marks because of the normalization process and also because the Physics and Chemistry sections were relatively easy according to NCERT books. The official said this was done to address parity and discourage the poaching mafia. Another parent claimed that the provision of grace marks should have been specified in the information brochure because of the waste of time, as students could have used it in the past.

He asked how it happened that six students who scored a total of 720 marks were from the same exam center in Faridabad, Haryana. A senior NTA official gave the reason that the papers were wrongly distributed at this particular exam center in Haryana and they lost 45 minutes. When this was rectified, a formula was used in some cities including this one as per a previous court order.

This answer was asked for

Experts, including faculty doctors, have sought clarifications about the normalization criteria of NEET results and at how many centers normalization was applied. Parents said the significantly higher cut-offs have disappointed many candidates who were keen to get admission to government medical colleges. Bangar said students scoring less than 660 marks now have very little chance of getting admission in government medical colleges. This is unlike last year when students with 600 marks were able to secure seats in government colleges.