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FMGE June exams may be held on this day, NBEMS gave information

FMGE June exams are to be held on 6th July. NBEMS has given this information by issuing a notice.


The National Board of Examination in Medical Sciences said that the FMGE June 2024 exam will be held on 6th July. Along with this, NBEMS has also cautioned medical candidates to beware of fraudulent social media groups who are trying to cheat them by giving FMGE questions in exchange for money. The board said that these groups are fake and they aim to rob the candidates.

The board has stated after a complaint was lodged against fraudsters in Kerala, where some people were talking about giving FMGE questions and answer keys on social media. On June 4, the FMGE paper and answer key were put up for sale on Telegram. After it was announced on social media that the FMGE paper and answer key were for sale, the Kerala Cyber ​​Police took action and registered a case.

People were alerted

The board wrote in the official notice, 'It has come to light that some people are trying to deceive FMGE candidates through social media platforms. On such social media platforms, the said fraudsters are claiming to provide FMGE papers for the upcoming FMGE June 2024 in exchange for a huge amount of money, the notice further reads. It has also come to light that a police complaint has been lodged in Kerala against such fraudsters who are trying to fool FMGE candidates.

'FMGE papers are still being prepared'

The board said that please be aware that tomorrow's FMGE question papers are still being prepared. Through the present notice, FMGE June-2024 applicants are cautioned not to fall prey or get misled by such unscrupulous elements who are fooling FMGE candidates by claiming to provide the upcoming FMGE June-2024 questions through 'authority'.

Trust them

Candidates are advised to rely only on official channels for authentic information and updates about the FMGE exam. NBEMS has urged candidates to be cautious and not fall prey to such scams. The exam will be held as per schedule on July 6 and candidates are encouraged to prepare accordingly.

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