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Delhi University students will now work with the police, administration is making a plan.


Delhi University will soon send its students to the crime scene with Delhi Police. The university administration is making a plan regarding this matter.

Delhi University students may soon be seen working with Delhi Police or let's say that Delhi University's forensic science students can go to the crime scene as interns. For this, DU is planning to contact Delhi Police so that the students can get permission to go to the crime scene with the investigation team. DU's Human Science Department has prepared a proposal for this, which will be placed before the Academic Council of the University for approval, whose meeting will be held tomorrow i.e. on July 12.

A recommendation letter will be written to the police.

Giving information about this, an official said that the department will write a recommendation letter (LOR) to the Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCPs) of the districts so that their students can get help in getting field experience. The proposal seeks a slight modification in the MSc Forensic Science syllabus for final semester students to include visits to crime scenes through police stations.

Students will do internships.

The official said, "The final-year students will do an internship under the Delhi Police so that they can visit crime scenes and see the collection of forensic evidence." Giving more information about the proposal, another official said that the students will be trained in forensic science labs and will be asked to prepare a project report based on their experience in the courtroom and case ethnography.

Real experience will be gained.

It is worth noting that earlier, final semester MSc Forensic Science students used to obtain permission themselves to visit crime scenes that were part of their syllabus, but now the department is planning to formally write a LOR to the DCP so that their students can visit crime scenes and gain real experience of how forensic evidence is collected.

Help in gaining better experience.

The official said, "We have not made any changes in the syllabus of MSc Forensic Science. We have only proposed minor amendments to bring better clarity in the subject matter of the syllabus and to define the process of training the final year students, preparing their project reports, and gaining field exposure." The official further said that as part of its planning, the Human Science Department of the University will also contact reputed lawyers to provide case studies to its students. This will help the students to gain better experience.

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