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Career Tips: If you want to make a career in the adventure field, then you can choose paragliding; Free training will be available in Uttarakhand..

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Tehri Lake, one of the highest dams in India, is making its mark in the form of adventure tourism along with power generation. From water sports to paragliding competitions are organized here from time to time. A large number of people are coming here from the country as well as from abroad. Tehri Lake is on the way to becoming a hub of adventure tourism in the coming times. It is becoming one of the best paragliding destinations not only in India but in the world.

Last year, paragliders from Turkey, Germany, Sri Lanka, Japan, Austria, Nepal, New Zealand, and other countries participated in the Acro Festival held at Tehri Lake. At the same time, in the recently organized paragliding competition, famous paragliders of the country had shown stunts over the lake here.

Tehri Lake is famous for paragliding

There is immense potential for paragliding in Tehri Garhwal. Flat and open fields with high mountains below, and lakes are best for taking off and landing. Here, the area above Tehri Lake (which falls in Pratapnagar Assembly) is a perfect spot for paragliding from its hills to Koti Colony of Tehri Lake. District Tourism Officer Tehri Garhwal, Atul Bhandari says that the flying distance in Tehri Lake is 1400 meters. Also, the water of Tehri Lake is not salty. Therefore, while landing in the lake, the paraglider will not get damaged in the water.

Padmashree Sheetal Mahajan has also done a dive

Padmashree Sheetal Mahajan, who has been doing paragliding and skydiving for the last 20 years, also did skydiving by jumping from a crewed aircraft at a height of 4000 feet above Tehri Lake. Its video also went viral on social media. This video is from during the paragliding accuracy competition. Sheetal Mahajan says that for the first time, she got a chance to do freestyle driving over Tehri Lake. It is a different experience. She further says that Indian players are hardly seen in the World Air Games. If such sports are promoted, India's flag will fly in the Air Games Olympics also.

Paragliding training to local youth

To provide training in paragliding to the local youth, free basic, and advanced, SIV courses are being conducted by the tourism department here. With this, the youth of Uttarakhand can also work and create employment in the field of paragliding.

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