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A career in Agriculture: If you want to make a career in the agriculture sector, then these job opportunities will open up..

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There are many possibilities for youth to make a career in the agriculture sector. There is a special possibility, especially in the field of study and self-employment. If you have passed the 12th class (Career after 12th) and are thinking about which field to make a career in, then the field of agriculture can prove to be a better option for you.

Moradabad agricultural scientist Dr. Deepak Mehndi Rata said that in the current situation, people's inclination towards studying agriculture is increasing. Earlier, students used to come from rural areas to study agriculture. But, now people of the city are also moving towards agriculture. Agriculture colleges are being opened by many universities.

Career in the agriculture sector
Deepak Mehndi Ratta said that there are immense possibilities in the agriculture sector (Career in Agriculture) for the youth. Whether it is self-employment or a job. There are companies of various types of seeds and pesticides here for jobs, which is a better option for jobs. Apart from this, there is also a strong possibility of jobs in machinery. There are also many jobs to give information about the equipment used in agriculture. Apart from this, there is a strong possibility of getting a job related to irrigation (Government Job). In this, farmers are given information about how much water is required for which crop. How to install drip and how much benefit is there.

These job opportunities will open
Apart from this, agriculture is a subject in which information about other subjects is also given. Like Math, Sanskrit, Economics. In such a situation, the student can do a job in other fields apart from agriculture. After this, he can do agribusiness or management, which will give him a better scope. If he does an MSc or PhD, then he will move forward in the field of teaching (Teacher Job). In this way, there are many job opportunities in the study of agriculture. Students can become agricultural scientists through the agriculture department.

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